Desert pilgrim up for scoring at Lafraise.


Machine Embroidered Jacket, ca. 1890s

Owned by Jessie Mason Webb

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:’) I’m sorry danny, holly clashes with others in terms of where the boundaries between intimate and sexual lie, especially those with higher libidos.

Holly’s is p high, and he’s perfectly fine with openly flirting and enticing cro, but the line is odd for him until the thought of actually doing anything strikes.

He really actually just likes being near cronus and touching him in intimate, but nonsexual ways, as much as he does with vati. He likes/craves contact so much cause of the abandonment thing, underneath just being a tactile individual. It gives him something to anchor to in his head. He can feel them, they’re solid, responding and okay, so they’re not going anywhere, and he’s okay. And being tactile just stems from his neediness and how things happened when he was younger. He was quite lonely, so. Yeah. Touch anchors him and gives him a sense of security. Hence why he’s so clingy to those he loves and prefers laying on or with them and generally being attached to them.

There’s also the fact that holly still doesn’t like sex in general unless it’s cro or niko he’s with due to past events. Soooo..


When holly and cro get intimate, it usually gets sexual anyway, so the two concepts are sort of intertwined in the relationship since Holly picked up on how cro processes sex and desire in terms of their relationship. Hence why holly enjoys having sex with him so much. Plus it feels good. Even so, he still prefers and thinks in terms of intimacy, and prefers to cuddle up with him. Sex just. Happens with them. They need adult supervision.

With vati it’s not as pronounced since he’s used to holly’s nature, but holly still does some-odd things that seem sexual in nature to niko, but holly just doesn’t realize it, cause to him it’s just the want to be near and touch/cuddle, and spoil with nice gestures. Niko actually recently brought it to holly’s attention with an off-handed comment that an idea he had sounded sexual, so he’s starting to notice.


Aliza Razell: Magic and Mystic Photography

Flickrock, Facebook

Massachusetts-based artist Aliza Razell creates tickling self-portraits that explore philosophical abstractions through the merged mediums of watercolour and photography. Using Photoshop, Razell unites the two mediums in her Anesidora (explorations of the Pandora’s Box myth) and Ikävä (the Finnish word meaning the feeling of longing) series.

itll be difficult to miss but i hope you enjoy em

its nikos birthday so im takin him out and spendin time wwith him for a feww nights

if i get a moment wwhile hes pickin out somethin a wwear later ill send some then though

ill need somewwhere to send em then

also theyll ve there tomorroww or the evvenin after